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      Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic
      with Dock

      Speak easily
      320mAh portable charging dock Music controlsVolume controlsOnly 6.5g in weight

      Don't run out of power.

      The headset features a talk time of up to 3.5 hours. The included 320mAh dock can charge the headset up to 3 times and features a long standby of up to 90 days. Never worry about being without battery again.

      *Standby time refers to natural power consumption when the device is charged but not in use.
      • 320mAh charging dock

      • 90 day standby time

      Compact design

      Easily store, carry, and use the device. Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic with Dock is designed to be an unobtrusive, sleek communication tool.

      Seamless minimalist design

      Everything you need in an elegant package.

      Intelligent button design

      The sleek bluetooth headset features two discreet rocker buttons for volume adjustment and music control. Quickly adjust playback without unlocking your device.

      • Volume controls

      • Music controls

      Multi-functional buttons

      Simplified music & call controls

      • Switch songs

      • Adjust volume

      • Refuse/accept call

      • Three-way calling

      • Pause/play music

      • Redial number


      Ultra small and lightweight

      *Measurements may vary slightly, depending on the scale or tools used.

      3 different earbud sizes

      The soft, silicone earbuds come in 3 different sizes for a tight seal and comfortable fit.

      High quality speakers

      To optimize sound quality for calls and music, we kept the speaker output structure at a narrow 3mm,
      so that detail in the mid and high frequencies are preserved and noise is significantly reduced.

      Great sound is in the details

      Every component of Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic is carefully designed to produce a natural, high-definition sound. This includes a rounded sound cavity, high-quality Bluetooth chip, magnetized moving coil speaker, ceramic antenna, and more.

      • Rounded sound cavity

        Reduces noise interference
        for clearer audio

      • Magnetized moving
        coil speaker

        Highly sensitive speaker
        preserves sound detail

      • Noise-cancelling
        silicone microphone

        Lower noise interference
        than typical microphones

      • Ceramic antenna

        Receives stable signals
        and prevents call drops

      Bluetooth 4.1, reduces 4G network interference

      The CSR8610 chipset supports Bluetooth 4.1, which reduce 4G network interferences,
      improving device compatibility, stability, and functionality across the board.

      • CSR8610 Bluetooth chip
        Improved transmission

      • CVC echo reduction
        Filters ambient noise

      • Reduces 4G network
        Improved sound clarity

      • Power efficient
        Excellent battery life

      • Simultaneous pairing
        Connect up to two
        devices simultaneously

      • Low radiation
        Prevents health impact

      Nano-coating technology
      Durable and oil-resistant

      Whether it's in your ear, hands, pocket, or bag,
      nano-coating technology provides oil resistance
      and reduces wear and tear on Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic.
      To clean the headset, simply give it a wipe.












      Small in size, big in usefulness

      Exercise and listen to music, or even answer an important call

      Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic

      Volume controls
      Music controls
      Only 6.5g in weight

      Charging Dock

      320mAh portable charging dock
      Head phone specs

      Dimensions: 56 x 10 x 8 mm

      Weight: 0.23 ounces


      Charging time: 2 hours

      Standby time: 70 hours

      Talk time: 3.5 hours

      Communication distance: 10 meters

      Bluetooth version: 4.1

      Bluetooth protocol: HFP/A2DP/HSP/AVRCP

      Charging dock specs

      Model: CDZ01LM

      Charging time: 2 hours

      Standby time: 3 months

      Battery capacity: 320mAh

      Battery type: Lithium polymer

      Output: 5V200mA

      Input: 5V300mA

      Package contents

      Bluetooth headset *1

      Charging dock *1

      Earbuds *3 pairs (Small, Medium, and Large)

      Charging cable *1

      Product manual & warranty card

      *Lab data. Actual results may vary based on individual conditions.
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